100 Day Project: Week One

Here’s the first 7 days of posts, taken from Instagram

Day 1/100
Well, I’ve started – this is yesterday’s effort.It seems that I’m starting slowly with zentangles, making little pieces on the “inchies” that will act as signposts for the rest of the project – numbers and words like “week” and “day”.

Day 2/100
Easing myself gently into this project by doing simple tangles with words and numbers. This is allowing me to get familiar with the small piece of paper and the time I need to dedicate to each piece, each day. So, I guess that means I will do the numbers from 0 to 9 for the next week 🙂
When they’re done, I’m hoping to move onto come colour work with inks or watercolour pencils, to mix it up a bit, but still using my variation of the “inchies” as the central anchor.
From what I’ve read, the idea of working with inchies this way (there are other ways), is to be able to rearrange the squares to make a variety of bigger pieces. To play. Aah, I like that idea.
Although I only have 4 squares so far, I can, even at this early stage, arrange them in different ways. I’m beginning to see how it might work as my collection grows. Woohoo!

Day 3/100
While my mojo is with me, I’m doing two numbers a day. That way I can get them finished quicker and move onto something more exploratory. Although, coming up with different ways to do numbers is surprisingly challenging.

Day 4/100
The collection of numbers grows. I think I’m starting to get to grips with the size of the paper (3″ x 3″ / 7.5cm x 7.5 cm). Doing this slightly easier theme of numbers is at least allowing me to settle into the process of doing this each day, and working with this variation of “inchies”

Day 5/100
I did 6 and 8 yesterday. And I think 8 is my favourite tangle so far. It really flowed – in process and patterns. 6 on the other hand was determined to be spiky, as a process. 😏 The final 2 to do today, then I’ll post them all and you can choose your favourite from this bunch.

Day 6/100
Numbers 0 to 9 complete. Done!
I was so pleased with how 7 turned out, it was just as I imagined it before I started.
9 on the other hand is so uninspired. But it is what it is.
The whole idea with this project is learning and practicing – not to re-do or aim for each piece to be perfect, but to just do it and move on.
Tomorrow’s piece will start a new thread or idea.

Day 7/100
Fear, resistance and colour … yes.
I am so out of my comfort zone – moving away from tangling in b&w to something in colour.
I can feel the fear and resistance rising up in me. I realise I’m scared of the inks. Can you believe that?
Instead of giving in to my inner critic’s voice, this is what I told myself
“Take a deep breath and keep going. Work through and with the fear and resistance. It’s a learning process, not a production of perfection.”
I spent a ridiculous amount of time yesterday trying to use colour inks to create some background ideas for this next step.
This is my first effort, the first image is the finished piece, 2nd image is the ink I started with. Circles seem to be a recurring theme: 6 of the 9 number pieces had circles in them!

Day 7/100 – moving onto colour

I hope to do regular updates throughout the project, sharing the joys and frustrations that go with it.

More about the project:

6 thoughts on “100 Day Project: Week One

  1. josiegrace7 says:

    well done … it’s lovely to see yoir development … I think I lost the plot for my project on Day 6 but I hope to clamber back into the boat today …

    I do enjoy your delving into colour. I, too find it difficult to work in colour. I am terrified of screwing it all up.

    But the only way is to face the fear and do it anyway…

    my next WordPress will be about thatxxx

    Thx again for sharing and inspiring.

    Liked by 1 person

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