V is for Virtual Events

by Dabelle

Larry and I are confused.
Debbie has just opened the lid on our tin box, asking us if we would come out today for a photo shoot. As soon as we got out, we felt like everything has changed since we were last in her human world.

Lock down in the UK has been going on for almost 6 weeks (since 23rd March). It’s like the whole world has been living in a suspended, surreal time warp. The last time we had an adventure was for the letter ‘D’ when we took some dogs out for a walk. Then, all of a sudden, we were sent back to our tin box and have only just come out again. And Debbie tells us it’s time for ‘V’.

When Debbie opened up our Altoids tin this morning, she was quite adamant that for the letter ‘V’ we would be talking about ‘virtual events’ – but I have no idea what they are.

  • How did we get from the letter ‘E’ to ‘V’?
  • What on earth are these ‘Virtual Events’?

I had a conversation with Debbie and she reminded me that her family have had an unexpected bereavement on 5th April (not due to COVID-19 but the other dreaded “C” word), and that her niece, nephew’s widow and three children needed her help. All her attention has been focused on supporting her family during this sad time.

And the virtual events?
Of course, I investigated.

It turns out that ‘virtual events’ have taken off around the world during COVID lock downs and people are meeting up digitally using Facetime, Skype and Zoom – to stay connected, even when they cannot physically be together.

Debbie has family all over the world (Australia, South Africa, UK and through her nephew’s wife, Canada too). They’ve been using Zoom for weekly family get together’s and even for a weekly family pub-like quiz. It started when she and her UK family had a call on Mothering Sunday to replace the actual meal they’d planned on having. They brought out the good china, had tea and cakes and generally felt as if they were together. It has been going on since then!

Sadly, the family will need to use Zoom for her nephew’s memorial service as well, to allow parents from both sides (who are in South Africa and Canada) to be part of the service as they haven’t been able to get to the UK because of international travel restrictions.

I asked Debbie why she brought us out of the tin today especially.

She wants to remember how incredible it has been to use these tools to during this sad time – it has enabled the family to see each other, to tease and joke with each other, to laugh and to have something scheduled in a diary to look forward to each week. All important ways to maintain their mental health!

Until next time, toodles

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6 thoughts on “V is for Virtual Events

  1. slfinnell says:

    This pandemic has given so many challenges we could never have forseen. But the human resolve is so inspiring isn’t it?! Gets ya in the feels as my family says around here. My sympathies to all affected in the loss and may they find plenty of love surrounding them!

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