A jolly jol #AtoZChallenge


South African’s love to jol. Everyone has a different view of “having a good time”. For some, it means a mega party with loads of friends; for others, it’s about relaxing in nature or watching movies, a show or play. What’s your version of a good time?

Dabelle’s idea of a good time normally involves some kind of food. And Larry. Larry is her special friend – not a husband, or boyfriend. Just someone who gets her and she enjoys hanging out with.

Her favourite ‘jol‘ is to have Larry around for a chat and to eat cake. Larry, who is a barrister will brew up some incredibly fresh coffee and that is the extent of their overindulgence. Oh, and she almost always has her camera always to hand, in case a photo opportunity presents itself. She generally kicks up her heels in an understated way, except when she had a massive night out with some aliens!

The South African word of the day

jol [jo-rl] – “Going out on the town, kicking up your heels, enjoying yourself…”, can be used in any context to express having a good time

Dabelle’s adventures (she is my Lego photographer friend) continue with a South African flavour. Join me in the month of the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

Anyone else like to chill out with cake and a good coffee?

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